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Amy Lee performing on Legends & Lyrics.

Legends & Lyrics was a musical performance series that featured three or four artists of all genres per episode - all who write their own songs. It's filmed in an intimate, classic performance hall where they perform some of their own songs acoustically and talk with each other about their inspirations, ideas and experiences in the industry.

Amy Lee featured in episode 116 of season 2, along with musicians Dwight Yoakham and Gavin Degraw, that was filmed on February 23, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee.[1] Terry Balsamo and Dave Eggar also attended to play the acoustic guitar and cello when it came to the performances. They played Bring Me to Life, Lithium, Good Enough, Call Me When You're Sober and Your Love.

On EvClub, there was a ticket give-away contest for the performance. The winner was allowed to bring one guest with them.

A EvThreader who attended the performance recorded Your Love, but was asked by Amy not to leak it.[2] This low quality recording leaked six years later, in July 2014.[3] Rumor has it that a sharper recording circulates among selected fans, but no preview has leaked.

A 3-minute preview of the show, that includes interviews and discussions with all three artists, was released by Legends & Lyrics on their website in June 2009.[4] In July 2010, they also released a thirty-second clip of Amy performing Your Love.[5]

To this day, the episode has never been aired due to multiple problems within the company.

In March 2017, it was announced that Amy's episode would be released first because of high demand and substantial fan interest.[6] This, however, didn't come about.

In August 2018, Legends & Lyrics opened their archives and started releasing episodes. However, only the first two episodes from season 1 were released in 2019, and Amy's episode remains unreleased. The show's team stated that they relied on "legal and contractual elements", including "other considerations that revolve around the individual artists", to release specific episodes.[7]

As of December 2021, their website was taken offline, suggesting they won't release any other episodes/seasons. As Amy said, it's up to the show to release Your Love, probably because they own the rights to release it.[8]

In 2023, the production company Desert C.A.M. Studios will release the show as "Legends & Lyrics Reboot: 8-Part All-Star Concert". As of October, they said the second season was currently being edited and reformatted for 4K, as well as final post-production.[9]


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