Ashley Arrison

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Ashley Arrison
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Ashley Arrison is an American singer-songwriter.

Ashley sang along with Amy Lee and Paula Cole at Restore Freedom Gala 2012. These songs were played during the occasion: My Heart is Broken (by Evanescence), Caged Bird (by Ashley Arrison), Everybody Hurts (by R.E.M.), and I Don't Want to Wait (by Paula Cole). This is what Ashley said in her official website:

Vin1.jpg I had the honor and privilege of sharing the stage with Amy Lee and Paula Cole at an incredibly inspiring event to benefit the victims of sex trafficking in NYC. Amy is a friend of mine and this organization is very near and dear to her heart (I’ve learned a lot about it through her) so it was a no brainer when she called and asked me to share the stage with she and Paula to help bring awareness to a cause that deserves so much attention.

But on to the show… we had stupid fun… Singing on each other’s songs made us all giddy like schoolgirls. It was an amazing night and I just had to share.[1]


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