Malice in Wonderland Dress

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Malice in Wonderland Dress
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A dress designed by Amy Lee featuring words like "I Will End You," "Ruined", "Psycho," "Bitch", and "Nothing". She designed the dress after Evanescence's first New York performance at Webster Hall on April 17th, 2003, where a DJ made sexist, objectifying comments of her. Amy later stated that the concept of the dress was domestic abuse, based on her experience with an abusive ex, which had inspired many of the songs she wrote on Fallen (former guitarist Ben Moody was confirmed to have been her abusive ex[1]). She wore the dress at Evanescence's second New York appearance at Webster Hall on September 16th, 2003.[2][3]

In November 2023, new photos of the photoshoot by Paul Harries were used on a Kerrang! cover story about the 20th anniversary of Fallen.[4]