Malice in Wonderland Dress

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Malice in Wonderland Dress
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Infamous dress designed by Amy Lee featuring the words "I Will End You," "Psycho," "Rude," and "Bitch." The inspiration for the dress came from Evanescence's first New York performance at Webster Hall on April 17th, 2003. The first time it was worn was at Evanescence's second New York appearance at Webster Hall on September 16th, 2003.

Ben Moody describes the incident that would lead to the creation of the dress in a Digital Noise interview with Patrick Douglas:

Patrick: We have a DJ here who always refers to Amy as “hot” before he plays one of your songs. Do you find it difficult as a band to gain respect with these kinds of insulting stereotypes?
Ben: Yeah. It is difficult because, you know, most of those guys just think with their dicks and not with their brains and that’s because that’s all they got to think with. It’s just like K-Rock New York, this one asshole came out to introduce us at Webster Hall and basically said he was going to masturbate eight times to Amy’s picture later that night. It’s basically like, you know, that’s great, I hope you have a good time, pray to God I don’t meet you in an alley because what you’re doing is not only disrespecting Amy, but disrespecting me and my band. We find it difficult, but at the same time those people are beneath us. Just fucking lowlifes. It’s all they are. If that’s all you get out of a band is how hot the lead singer is, then get a fucking life. Cause we got way more to offer than Amy’s face, let me tell you.

The dress, according to Lee, is supposed to represent someone innocent who's been tainted. It was worn again for Manchester's Concert on Oct. 30th, 2004.