The Damning Well

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The Damning Well was a rock supergroup comprising Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit on guitar, Danny Lohner formerly of Nine Inch Nails on bass, Richard Patrick of Filter on vocals, and Josh Freese of A Perfect Circle, on drums. While rumors spread that an entire album had been recorded, Richard Patrick has said on numerous occasions that this is false. Only two songs were recorded; Awakening, which was released on Underworld movie soundtrack in 2003, and Power, an unreleased track featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence on guest vocals.

During an interview with Richard Patrick in 2008, this is what he had to say about working with Amy Lee:

Vin1.jpg Interviewer: Aside from Army of Anyone, you also previously embarked on a project called The Damning Well which never really got off the ground. It was rumored you had an album’s worth of music so whatever happened to this project?

Richard: Most of that turned into Black Light Burns. There was a song called “Power” I wrote with Amy Lee, I wrote all the lyrics and everything and then Amy Lee came in and sang on it. Her manager was such a, just so hard to deal with which is like that with a lot of the things she gets involved with you know, they were just so hardcore that we were like forget it. There were only two songs recorded under the Damning Well, it wasn’t a whole record. But I have the Amy Lee song I did with her, she just came in and sang my lyrics and sang with me, it was cool sounding though, I was really proud of it. It’s now on the Black Light Burns record. So yeah, we did one song for the Underworld soundtrack and it just kind of peted out after that. I wrote another song for something else and that was really about it.[1]


In a seperate interview, Richard confirmed that Power was reworked and turned into the song Coward, which is included in Black Light Burns' debut record, Cruel Melody.[2]