Far From Heaven

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* Cover songs

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General Information

Written by: A. Lee

Far From Heaven is the tenth track from Evanescence's fifth studio album, The Bitter Truth. It's a piano ballad with swelling strings from David Campbell that almost didn't make it to the album because when the album was originally finished, it had no ballads. It's intuited about Amy Lee's late brother, Robby Lee, who passed away in January 2018.[1] She told Kerrang! in March 2021:

Vin1.jpg “I wasn’t feeling full of aggression, and all the strength and power – and there’s so much of that on this album – I just didn’t have any left when we got to that point.”

Only it turns out that she did. All Amy had to do was sit down at the piano.

“Far From Heaven just came out. It just needed to come out of me. That was the last thing on the album. It completed the puzzle.”

“It’s about questioning my faith. And it’s not like it’s the first time, but it’s just very raw, real and in the hardest way I ever have. Having to really look at it and wonder, ​‘Is anybody out there?’ That’s a real question I’ve been asking over the past couple years, through everything, and I don’t have the answers. I never have had the answers. That’s the whole thing that makes belief belief. We just can believe, we don’t know. But it’s not just about that. That’s part of the reason it was so hard to write, I spent two or three weeks just stuck in this funk, like in this depression, trying to get it off my chest because it’s not the way that I feel all the time. But it is a feeling that I have that comes up in me regularly: wondering where the people are that I’ve lost, and thinking about time in a more fluid way.”

“While writing it, I felt so low. I was just living in it without an out. When it was finished, I really loved it; it’s beautiful. Even when a song is openly dark and about pain, it can bring me joy. Sometimes you just need to say that hard thing you’ve been locking down inside, get it out, process it, and then move on to the next song.”


The song focuses on “processing grief and questioning our place in the universe.”[2]

On Christmas 2020, Amy played The Bitter Truth for her family, and Far From Heaven made her father, John Lee, cry.[1]

Amy revealed that her collaboration with Bring Me the Horizon pushed her to finish a part on Far From Heaven that she was stucked in.[3] Chris Vrenna, who previously programmed Evanescence, is credited for additional programming on this song.[4]


Studio Version

Far From Heaven

  • Recording date: July - November 2020
  • Status: Released, Available
  • Released On: The Bitter Truth (Track #10)
  • Length: 4:56

Far From Heaven [Instrumental]

Live Version

Far From Heaven (feat. Dave Eggar) [Driven to Perform Livestream Concert by Cooper Tire]

  • Performing period: May 13, 2021
  • Example: Driven to Perform Livestream Concert by Cooper Tire, Nashville, TN, USA

Far From Heaven (feat. Dave Eggar) [Late Show with Stephen Colbert]

  • Performing period: October 29, 2021


Give me a reason
Make me whole again
Wounds should become scars
But I'm cracked instead
Can't risk believing
That I would stand a chance
Frozen in the doorway
Don't wanna leave the past

One more night
What I wouldn’t give to be with you for one more night

What if I can't see your light anymore?
'Cause I've spent too long in the dark
And I'm on my knees
Without shame begging to believe,
But I feel so far from heaven

Wake up to a new day
Break my heart again
Dreaming makes for sweet escape
But I can't forget
I'm back at the edge now
I never needed you more
Staring down the emptiness that I can't ignore

All my life
Didn't wanna dream I could lose you
But you just smiled

What if I can't see your light anymore?
'Cause I've spent too long in the dark
And I'm on my knees
Without shame begging to believe,
But I feel so far from heaven

Is anyone out there? Did you give up on us?
Break this silence, I'm crushed under love
I don't wanna lock down, but we've lost so much
Will you forgive me?

If I can't see your light anymore
'Cause I've spent too long in the dark
And I'm on my knees
Without shame begging to believe,
But I feel so far from heaven

I feel so far...