Part of Me

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General Information

Written by: A. Lee, J. Majura, T. McCord, T. McLawhorn and W. Hunt

Part of Me is the eleventh track from Evanescence's fifth studio album, The Bitter Truth. Its working title was Pickle Mustard.[1][2] The song was written in the same writing session as Broken Pieces Shine.[3]

The song details Amy's move from grief to re-embracing the magic of life. She explained the song in her Kerrang! cover story in March 2021:[4]

Vin1.jpg The more losses that we face, the more difficult it is to still have that abandon, to have that freedom and that childlike hope. And it's always a fight to come back to it and go, 'No, I'm not gonna let it go.' Just like in Part of Me, 'don't let a sweet dream die, I'm not gonna give up.' That song is about that. I'm not gonna stay down. I'm still gonna have the belief in the magic. I really have to keep choosing that. It's hard, you have to talk about the struggle of that. I do for to be honest. It's always been a struggle. When you have a fresh loss, it's hard again and you kind of become fragile, standing in the doorway and it's like you're afraid to believe, you're afraid to get your heart broken again when you get hurt. Vin2.jpg

The song is "in a lot of ways" about Amy's relationship with the music and fans, and the line "drown me in your blinding light" is about being on the stage.[5]

In 2022, the band began playing the song as part of a medley with Lose Control and Never Go Back.


Studio Version

Part of Me

Live Version

Part of Me [Driven to Perform Livestream Concert by Cooper Tire]

  • Performing period: May 13, 2021
  • Example: Driven to Perform Livestream Concert by Cooper Tire, Nashville, TN, USA

Part of Me [Live]

  • Performing period: November 5 - December 7, 2021; January 21, 2022
  • Example: Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle, WA, USA (November 7, 2021)

Part of Me [Live 2022 Medley][6]

  • Performing period: August 16 - December 14, 2022; June 2 - 9, August 24 - September 8, 2023
  • Example: Ball Arena, Denver, CO, USA (August 16, 2022); Rock am Ring 2023, Nürburgring, Nürburg, Germany (June 3, 2023)


Not on your life
Won't let it break me
Won't give up the fight
But on this last thread, I'm holding so tight
Feed my imaginings, don't let a sweet dream die

Not on your life
I'm not abandoning - I have survived
Somehow still standing through death and through time
I need your love back like a drug keeping me alive

Drown me in your blinding light

I will be more than my survival
Own these scars on my heart
Even in dreams I hear you calling
Breaking the surface, I won't let go
You're part of me

Can't stop me now
Just clawed my way back from deep underground
No time for hatred, no holding back now
Set me on fire, I like it the way it burns

Hands on your heart
Who really thought we would make it this far?
What good could come of embracing thе dark?
We found each other through brokеnness and now look how strong we are

Drown me in your blinding light

I will be more than my survival
Own these scars on my heart
Even in dreams I hear you calling
So I know it's still worth believing
It's not just a feeling
As long as I don't let it go
Don't let me go

I will be more than my survival
Own these scars on my heart
Even in dreams I hear you calling
Breaking the surface, I won't let go
You're part of me now and always