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Zach Williams
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Zach Williams is an American musician and a dear friend of Amy Lee. Zach wrote some of My Heart is Broken's lyrics.[1] As with Amy, Restore Freedom is important to Zach, and he performed at the 2nd annual Freedom Gala in March 24, 2011.[2]

Some time after that, Amy and Zach were brought to work together on the lyrics for My Heart is Broken, which was later chosen to be the second single off Evanescence's self-titled album.

In late 2010, Zach posted pictures on his MySpace at Amy's home studio, probably recording demos of his own.


Solo albums

  • Story Time (2009)

With The Lone Bellow

  • The Lone Bellow (2013)
  • Then Came the Morning (2015)
  • Walk Into a Storm (2017)
  • Half Moon Light (2020)

Notes and References

  1. See album's liner notes

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